MCD Announces Kimberly Hirsh as New Director of Human Resources

February 1, 2023

Kimberly Hirsh

MCD is pleased to announce Kimberly Hirsh as MCD’s new director of Human Resources (HR). Hirsh is no stranger to global HR needs, having worked on every continent except Antarctica.

Born in Connecticut, Hirsh went to school in the Washington, D.C. area and lived in Prague before moving to Boston, Massachusetts, in 1997, where she is based. Since then, she has traveled extensively, spending significant time working in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Mozambique, among others.

“I have been an international HR person since the mid-90s, so I've worked in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and even a few minutes in Australia, but never Antarctica,” she said. “I took a couple of breaks along the way, holding an operations director role with HR under it and executive director for a non-profit, so I had a much broader view from that role.”

Hirsh brings extensive experience working with ministries of health for different countries as well as global health projects, including a comprehensive HIV/AIDS project in Mozambique.

Through all her travels and HR experience, Hirsh remarked that “MCD felt like coming home.” She continued, “I felt a high degree of familiarity and comfort with the combination of U.S. and international programs, as well as working with the folks here.”

Hirsh is embracing both the challenges and opportunities of her new role. With MCD’s recent rebranding last year, she sees how the HR team is well positioned to help bring together the U.S. and international programs in a “more coherent way.”

Kimberly Hirsh with her kitten

"I'm very excited to have Kimberly join our Executive Team and lead MCD's Human Resources," said Dr. Chris Schwabe, CEO and president. "I am confident that, under her leadership and with the support of her HR team, we will be able to effectively meet HR-management needs across MCD and develop as a unified and inclusive global public health organization."

Outside of work, Hirsh is an animal lover, enjoys creative writing, and watercolor painting.

“I’m really happy to be here, and there’s so much to learn,” she said. “I look forward to meeting everyone at MCD, and visiting with our teams, starting this month in Mozambique with other stops along the way.”

Hirsh holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Psychology from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in Business, and is a native English speaker, proficient in Spanish, and beginner in French. Her previous experience includes roles with The Midas Collaborative, ThinkWell Global, and Management Sciences for Health, among others.