Unlearn and Deconstruct Biases to Embrace Gender Equity

March 7, 2023

Makara Pollard

Makara Pollard.

Makara Pollard sees International Women’s Day as a moment to reflect on her accomplishments and goals. Makara is a Human Resources (HR) associate, working remotely in Maryland for MCD Global Health. She shares more about what this day means to her:

Until recently, holidays like Women’s History Month or International Women’s Day weren’t celebrations that I saw myself in. I celebrated all intersections of myself during Black History Month, which is where I found pride in being a woman.

In this era where inclusivity is at the forefront of people’s minds, I have to wonder what such days mean to me. History has taught us that many women’s/feminist movements weren’t/aren’t always inclusive to Black women. We’ve had to fight in many ways to be seen as women, in all our glory, despite how we show up in this world. Our stories and struggles can differ; however, those stories deserve to be highlighted and shown as examples of strength and resilience for women across the globe.

For me, this day is a moment to reflect on what it means to be a Black woman and allows time for me to reflect on my accomplishments and goals. This day is a time when I am reminded that I belong, and my voice matters; it reminds me to never shrink myself in rooms where I am the only; it reminds me to stand firm in who I am and the knowledge and power that I possess.

I am an avid reader and documentary watcher and enjoy learning about things that impact my life and those around me. My peers and family are huge influences on me in continuing my pursuit of knowledge. As the oldest of five, I want to make sure I am becoming the best version of myself so I can pass on my knowledge and wisdom. My passion is in helping others, helping the most marginalized communities, and that passion is what pushes me to reach my goals.

We live in a patriarchal society where women and gender equality are a second thought. We live in a world where women’s rights are still under attack, our voices and choices are being taken away. My advice for anyone looking to embrace gender equity, not just equality, is to unlearn and deconstruct the biases that you may have that hinders you from being able to stand alongside people in the fight for women/gender equity and equality.

My advice is to LEARN the truth. There is so much power in knowledge, and it is never too late to be a student.

I look forward to what MCD has in store relating to increasing women/gender equity/equality and DEI&B in general. There is a lot of room for growth, and I am excited to be part of the change.