Executive Administrative Officer

DonnaLee Cloutier began her career with Medical Care Development, Inc. (MCD) in 1978 and is currently the Executive Administrator of MCD, working closely with the Chief Executive Officer and the Director of Operations. Ms. Cloutier coordinates and manages the governance-related functions within the organization as well as provides quality controls for company compliance. Prior to her current position of 10 years, she worked in the MCD Communities Division (MCDC), which focused on providing integral support services and housing to Maine's elderly, and for people with chronic mental illness and intellectual and developmental disabilities. During her tenure of 14 years with MCDC she was an Assisted Living Licensed Administrator providing leadership of various programs across Maine. In July 2017, MCDC spun off and became an independent non-profit corporation, New Communities, Inc. (NCI). Ms. Cloutier now serves on the New Communities Board of Directors as the Secretary. Ms. Cloutier has an Associates' Degree in Business Administration.

Email: donnalee@mcd.org

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