MCD Communities

MCD Communities provides assisted living services for the elderly and the disabled throughout 30 locations in the State of Maine.

Functioning as one of the major corner stone for MCD since 1989, the division currently maintains 4 Assisted Living Homes for the elderly or disabled, 9 Mental Health Homes and Supported Apartments, as well as 23 Developmental Disability Homes and Supported Apartments.

MCD Communities continues to explore avenues for development. Our goal is to be the provider of choice and be recognized as an organization that responds to the needs of Maine's citizens. Our credo is simple -- respect, dignity, independence, and personal growth.

Service Areas


In 1989 an opportunity presented itself for MCD to move into a new arena -- assisted living for the elderly. With the purchase of York Manor, a 109-bed facility in Biddeford, Maine, a new venture was launched. MCD entered an arena that allowed us to truly live our mission of enabling individuals to enjoy improved health and a richer quality of life. We now operate four assisted living facilities and serve 198 residents. Our goal is to provide new models of support for vulnerable elderly clients.

In 1992, MCD joined forces with the State of Maine to provide housing and support services for individuals with chronic mental illness. Again, growth was rapid and MCD now operates a seventeen unit supported apartment with six psychiatric group homes located from Biddeford to Bangor.

In 1998, MCD began providing services to 66 people with developmental disabilities in the Skowhegan and Norway areas. With this addition, we recognized the need to provide staff education and a method for overseeing performance and the quality of our services. These services provide an enhanced level of support to the field staff who deliver daily service to our clients. We have created not only professional training services, but also mechanisms to measure and review the Division's quality of service.

Today, MCD provides housing for over 300 clients and a work force of over 500 employees.